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Reviews From People Just Like You!

Reviews From People Just Like You!

Prompt, professional and very personable. So glad we found this company!
Donna Gerhold July 24, 2013
Reggie & I would like to thank the crew of MyHandymate for the superb job you all have done in remodeling our two bathrooms. We can't believe the transformation between "then" and "now". We keep going to both bathrooms & look at them in awe! Such beautiful work & attention to detail. Above all, Jassen, our heartfelt thanks to you for going above & beyond the call of duty in personally selecting & purchasing the pieces. Must say you have truly impecable taste. If left to our own devices, it would have been a sad story indeed!!! You were the mastermind of the whole renovation. Our bathrooms now feel so cozy, warm & alluring! Love the different colors you picked for the guest bath--the light blue tones on the ceiling walls blend & offset so well with the earthy tones of the lower walls. I went on a shopping spree to Kohls & picked out a beachy shower curtain & other miscellaneous ocean/beach stuff, so whenever we are in that bath or guests are in there, it will feel like they are on the beach! Thanks so much for sharing all your incredible ideas with us. After I am done redocerating the guest bath today, I plan to invite some neighbors over to see your handiwork. Donna will be stopping by sometime today. She said she saw a couple of pics on your website & she said the bathrooms looked awesome! She will be even more surprised to see it in person. Once again Jassen, thanks for doing a wonderful job for us. Words are poor substitutes to describe the joy we feel everytime we step into either bathroom. You will always be our #1 guy for future projects. With your drive, energy & creativity, you should have no problem creating a very successful company. Reggie & I wish you much success in your future endeavors. You are surely destined for great things. Tell Travis, Chris & John we said "hi". It was also great to meet them all. Take care; best wishes always......
Reggie & Sunita July 29, 2013
We got an estimate to replace the porch, and to remove the old board and replace with new boards. Member Comments: They followed up with an email and extra information. They were very professional. They did everything I expected them to do.
Tom Cassidy August 05, 2013
The work was really good. They did a specialty designed fire pit for us. They also built 3 benches that were customized to me because I have a bad back. The customer service was great and they were easy to get in touch with. I would highly recommend them. They provide high quality work, and they are very reasonably priced and will work with your budget. I had all the supplies and they did all the labor for me. They gave me a list of everything that was needed and I went and purchased all of it. They were very professional, arrived early, and cleaned up their messes. They also fixed the wood steps to my front porch and didn’t charge me anything. They also don’t pressure you into anything.
Crystal Sillah July 15, 2013
I couldn't be happier with the team. I have had several guys over for odd jobs and they are all very personable and friendly and do a great job. I would absolutely recommend My Handy Mate to others and will probably be using them again in the future.
Allison Woodie April 16, 2013
They fixed the carpets on the stairs that was loose. They also fixed the lock and handle on a storm door. They did an excellent job. They were very professional and able to fix everything. They were very honest and informed me what the cost structure would be and to make sure I was okay with it before they did any work. They made sure that we understood everything and the expectations.
VICTORIA JAMA June 12, 2013
We had a huge trampoline with a netting superstructure shipped to our home. I had no inkling as to how to even sort the pieces, let alone assemble the thing, and I just didn't have the time to get into it anyway! So I called Jassen at My Handy Mate, wondering if the job was too small or odd for his company to do. He said "no problem," and arrived when he said he would. Within a few hours, the trampoline was standing tall, assembled and complete. My Handy Mate does what they say they will do, and they do it very well, and for the right price. Any time a job comes up that is outside of my skill set, I call them, and they get right on it. Great company.
Christopher DeVol July 30, 2013
My handy mate has helped me out so much over the past few months. The team is always on time and super friendly. I also know whatever work they do, it will be done right the first time! It's nice having someone honest to help out even for the small jobs!
Michelle Buzaki February 12, 2013
HandyMate has come out to the house to work on the garage door. They've also come out to work on landscape clean-up and will be coming back late summer for some work on the front porch. Love the work you guys have done for me. Between this landscape clean-up job and the handy work of fixing my garage door, I will be back time and time again! You've been reliable, trustworthy, and I look forward to recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks Jassen and crew!
Cheryl Panaligan May 28, 2013
As a small business owner, I was searching for a contractor who could work quickly and keep costs down for our studio renovation. So glad a friend recommended My Handy Mate! They completed the wall demolition, lighting installation and finished the space with trim . . . on time and on budget. We're thrilled with the results!
Carolyn Cull http://www.studiorougecolumbus.com April 09, 2013
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